Arzum Akduran Koseoglu, ORSCC, CPCC, PCC

During her professional managerial life of more than 10 years, she held different roles in marketing, operations, customer relationship management, quality improvement and employee development, mostly in leisure and hospitality sectors. Arzum, passionate about organizational development, decided to work and grow in this area, and focused on her organizational dynamics and behavioral sciences studies.

She founded her company; “Luma” (light in esperanto), to deliver organizational consultancy services in the beginning of 2004, focusing especially on “brand delivery” and “organizational performance development” projects. Working as a consultant, she realized that executives and organizations usually “know” what needs to be done, but “don’t do it” most of the time. She got curious about methodologies that might help people and organizations to discover their genuine barriers towards their goals and transform them. A research led her to her coaching studies.

She works as an executive, leadership development, team and relationship systems coach, mostly in corporate environment, in industries such as; banking and finance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, technology, construction, consumer goods, leisure, etc... and some NGO’s specializing in education and environment. She also designs and facilitates experiential workshops on leadership, management, relationships, team efficiency, and personal development.

Some of her clients include: Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Volvo AB, Garantibank, Denizbank, Alcatel, Avea (One of the 3 GSM companies in Turkey), Emuge-Franken, L’Oréal, and many others.