David Wikander, CPCC, ORSCC

David's approach could best be described as systems-oriented. This approach takes into account that we are in constant relationship, whether the relationship is to the many aspects of our self, the relationship we have to others in our personal life, or the relationship we have within a team or organization.

Part of what David brings to his coaching is an immense diversity in education, training, mentoring, teaching, leadership development and workshop leading, as well as developing and operating several highly successful businesses. He adds to this his own lifelong personal and spiritual growth path. Within David's current coaching practice he works with individuals, couples and teams both locally and worldwide.

David is a Senior Faculty member with CRR Global, Inc., certified with Team Diagnostic, and a certified Co-Active Coach. He also has extensive professional coaching with executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and small business teams and partnerships including a multi-national Czech Republic-based company, USDA Department of Rural Development, and a large US-based utility company.