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Team Coaching ROI: Cohesion, resilience and clarity as measures of success

As a coach, I frequently examine the impact I have on my clients as a way of measuring progress. Organizations seeking to justify the investment in team coaching have relied upon employee and customer satisfaction surveys, productivity and retention metrics, and anecdotal evidence.

However, the greatest breakthroughs from coaching
often elude measurement, and if one were required to
assign a price tag, each would be deemed “priceless.”

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Ghost Roles: Who's Haunting You?

Team coaching is a powerful and effective method to leverage the combined strengths of members in an organization, government or family. However, there are some interesting dynamics that emerge when a coach engages an entire team.

In Relationship Systems work, we often talk about ghost Roles, by which we mean people who are no longer physically present, but who nonetheless are still ‘haunting’ the system. They can be friendly ghosts (a beloved former CEO) or troublemakers (the accountant who was fired for embezzling).

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