Domain of Teams: Coach as Guide

A fun and highly experiential day to give you practice, confidence and tools to explore the territory of teams and the dynamics of relationships. You will learn ways to address the conflict and communication barriers that impede growth and productivity in teams. Through a variety of methods including theory, demonstrations, practice, skill drills and fun you will enhance your skills and/or renew your appreciation for this powerful work.

Marita will introduce you to Lands Work, an original program co-created by Faith Fuller and Marita, the Co-founders of CRR Global. There will be a strong emphasis on practical application to daily work situations.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone working with teams, groups, organizations or communities (team leaders, managers, facilitators or trainers).
  • Organizational Development and Human Resources professionals.
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses and Allied Professionals.
  • Teachers and School Principals.
  • Coaches working with individuals and/or groups, whether trained in ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) or other methods.

All that is required is the willingness to explore the human experience in relationships, and eagerness to dive beneath the surface of typical issues and problems to access the subtle and infinite potential of human beings.


Cost $195
Length 1 Full Day

Prerequisites: this is an advanced course for students who have at least completed ORSC Fundamentals, if not some of the courses in the series or certification.

Why Attend?

  • You seek ways to improve communication, break down barriers between people and groups; you want to become aware of human potential and how to use it.

  • You are required to deliver results and build team and group relationships and are keen to cut to the heart of the issues.

  • You wish to transform your working environment or organizational culture by breaking through resistance, unspoken agendas, conflict and complexity, and create one which supports change and powerful relationships.

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We are an ICF accredited coach training provider.