The Opposable Thumb

Moving from Conflict Resolution to Conflict Evolution

The stories of our lives, much like a good movie, create a compelling storyline that is fun to watch. Conflict in our lives is rarely enjoyable. It is often viewed as something to resolve and get past or we use it as a weapon.

The Opposable Thumb workshop will look at how resistance in relationship, and the opposition we experience and create, is a natural part of our evolutionary process. It is a much-needed creative force that very often gets shut down too quickly. In this one-day workshop, we'll look at conflict in the world and our lives and then explore ways to change our paradigm and experience what might be trying to happen.

The tools and exercises you will walk away with will give you and those people you work with the opportunity step into who we are becoming as well!


Workshop Highlights

  • An improvement in the quality of at least 1 significant relationship in your life.
  • A greater capacity to stay present in the face of conflict as well as skills to work with yourself and others who are in the midst of conflict.
  • And while some of parts may seem suited to certain situations or job descriptions, all the exercises are adaptable to circumstances, events and human beings in the outside world.


Cost $195
Length 1-day experiential workshop


Why You Should Attend

This workshop offers another application of the cuttingedge Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching model (ORSC) to everyday life.It provides an excellent opportunity for ORSC coaches to deepen their learning with new applications. It invites professionals from all walks of life to first experience a fresh approach to creating excellence in relationship. Both learning and fun is guaranteed.

We are an ICF accredited coach training provider.