The Art and Magic of Creating from Relationship, a three-day workshop

Discover the power of pairs! Wherever pairs are at work —co-facilitation, co-coaching, co-therapy, co-leading, co-parenting or another type of partnership focused on delivering learning action — there is a powerful ally available that has been untapped...until now!

Alchemy refers to the process when partners realize the potential of the actual relationship between them and leverages that in their work together. In this course, you and a partner will work together to uncover this potential. more

Domain of Teams

The Coach as Guide, a one-day workshop

A fun and highly experiential day to give you practice, confidence and tools to explore the territory of teams and the dynamics of relationships. You will learn ways to address the conflict and communication barriers that impede growth and productivity in teams. Through a variety of methods including theory, demonstrations, practice, skill drills and fun you will enhance your skills and/or renew your appreciation for this powerful work. more

The Opposable Thumb: Moving from Conflict Resolution to Conflict Revolution

A one-day workshop

The stories of our lives, much like a good movie, create a compelling storyline that is fun to watch. Conflict in our lives is rarely enjoyable. It is often viewed as something to resolve and get past or we use it as a weapon.

The Opposable Thumb workshop will look at how resistance in relationship, and the opposition we experience and create, is a natural part of our evolutionary process. It is a much-needed creative force that very often gets shut down too quickly. In this one-day workshop, we'll look at conflict in the world and our lives and then explore ways to change our paradigm and experience what might be trying to happen. more

The Inside Team

A Teleseries

We all know the frustration of trying to overcome a long-standing obstacle or make some other significant change in our lives, only to find our good intentions derailed by potholes and roadblocks that send us careening into the ditch.

While some of these obstacles may be external, the truth is that most of what gets in the way of our good intentions comes from inside us. And only by going inside can we find the solution that will genuinely free us up to move forward toward meaningful action that produces lasting results. more

Inside, Outside, All Around Your Life

A one-day workshop

We all have vast, untapped potential in how we express our relationships. You negotiate your relationship life with huge creativity through many different aspects of your personality and the relationship itself constantly creates roles for us to occupy in order to express itself. Often we get trapped in stereotypical habits of behavior around these roles: the Powerful Leader, the Nagging Boss, the Nurturing Mother, the Focused Manager, the Playful Friend. Over time, these habits can drain your relationships and zap your energy. more

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