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Looking for help designing an engagement? Drafting your first coaching brochure? Struggling with a team in conflict? Listen to segments from our ORSC Coaching Consultation calls with our faculty to learn advanced techniques for growing your comfort with ORSC and your confidence as a practitioner.

Strategic Planning for a Non Profit

What do you get when you have a non-profit board that is doing strategic planning for the first time in years and the leader is afraid of things getting personal? Oh and we should mention that the coach only gets three hours with the team. Difficulty level: 8.5!

Negotiating Work-Life Balance

Balancing time and energy between pursuing ones lifelong purpose and maintaining key relationships is a common client goal. Explore how using "paper constellations" and reading the Emotional Field can aid in this effort.

Check-in Question: What Is Positivity?

In our line of work we talk a lot about positivity. But have you ever gone deeper? What does positivity mean to different people? Listen as Marita uses this check-in question to connect with a group.

There's a New Leader in Town

What happens when a work culture isn't a perfect fit for a new leader? Perhaps what worked at the last company won't translate to the new organization. Listen as an ORSCer begins to design an engagement for an executive in just that position.

Check-in Question: What Season Are You?

Marita shares a great check-in question for teams that brings Mother Nature into the mix. Listen as she guides participants through the process, and think about when you might want to use this tool with your own clients and teams.

C-Suite Retreat

So where do you start when the CEO, CFO and COO of a fast-growing company tell you, “We need an offsite.” In this segment, listen as Marita and ORSCer Dominic brainstorm a program design for creating a strategic plan with accountability and alignment.  

How to Market Yourself and Describe ORSC

What’s the best way to “sell” ORSC into an organization? How do you talk about it? Write about it? Explain it? Remember to ask for the pain points and provide clarity around the business outcomes. Marita shares some of her best advice for new ORSC practitioners learning this valuable skill.  


Coaching Your Own System

How best can you coach a system in which you have a role OTHER than coach? Explore how this can be done within the ICF ethical guidelines--and how to make it effective for the entire team.

What's Trying to Happen?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself: Is this elephant trying to get up or trying to fall down? What do you do when you don't have buy-in from the entire system you're trying to coach? When we coach it cannot be about our agenda. It's what the system is dreaming.

1000 Person Company - Scaling ORSC

Are you the lone coach in an organziation? Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to implementing change with a large group. Listen as Marita and an ORSCer talk through several ways to scale oneself, tools and engagements to meet the training objectives of a large and growing organization.

What Would Perrier Say? Using the 3rd Entity without Explaining the 3rd Entity

Sometimes it's far more powerful to USE a tool with a group, then to EDUCATE the group about the tool. Especially if you imagine there will be resistance to certain concepts. The 3rd Entity is not always easy to explain, but you can ALWAYS use it with a group.

Chicken Little Called - the Sky Is Falling!

Habits create culture. And in this culture, everything is an emergency. In this segment, ORSCers and Marita explore the idea of “slowing it down” for a team, breaking the “panic habit,” going with them into their worst fears, and trusting that there will be something valuable to learn from that state.

The Odd Couple - When Opposites Don't Attract

What do you get when you have two directors who oversee two different departments that need to cooperate, but one is a planner/organizer and the other is a fly-by-the seat of their pants kind of person? How do you get these people to respect each other’s styles?

High Conflict Teams – The Zebra Phenomenon

Have you ever worked with a team that attacked each other? That communicated through snarky comments, blame and scapegoating? Learn how to recognize The Zebra Phenomenon and learn techniques for unfolding and working with those dynamics. Marita provides a refresher on the COIN handout and when to use it to its greatest effect. Download a copy here.  


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