Relationship Systems Intelligence™

Relationship Systems Intelligence™ (RSI) includes and transcends Emotional Social Intelligence (ESI) pioneered by Daniel Goleman and others. RSI starts with an understanding of oneself, (Emotional Intelligence) moves on to include an understanding of other’s emotional experience (Social Intelligence) and culminates with the ability to identify with and collaborate with groups, teams, communities and other social systems (Relationship Systems Intelligence™).

It is this final evolution, RSI, which catalyzes the capacity of teams and groups to move beyond the personal to a powerfully generative group identity. Individuals and organizations vary in their level of RSI.

Some may need to work on strengthening Emotional Intelligence, others may need training in Social Intelligence and more advanced clients are ready to work with Relationship Systems intelligence™. Together the three forms of Intelligence create flexible, resilient individuals and teams.

Download our white paper, An Introduction to Relationship Systems Intelligence™ Advanced Coaching for Individuals, Groups & Organizations, to learn more about the different kinds of “Intelligences” which make up Relationship Systems Intelligence™.