World Work Projects

At CRR Global we hold all of our students as powerful world workers and change agents. As part of the eight-month long ORSC Certification journey, students are tasked with applying the ORSC tools to a project of their choice. The scope can be as large or small as they like: change a family, change a company, or change the way an entire country communicates. Here are just a few of our students' World Work Projects.

Voices of Egypt: A Communication Experiment

This World Work Project came to be a few months after the revolution in Egypt began in 2011. Rather than focusing on the individual voices, this ORSC student took a systems-perspective and asked, “What does Egypt want to have happen?” The conversations that unfolded are remarkable.

Watch the video! Please note this video is not in English. Please locate the closed captioning button in the video player and turn on English closed captioning.


Does Your School Have Core Values?

Sandi Herrera created a roadmap for bringing ORSC to our public school system. Her plan involves bringing together all members of the school system: teachers, students, administration, parents, and the curriculum. Her unique roadmap culminates with the school community being conscious about their culture and consistently listening, learning, and improving.

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The Cure: Bringing Respect and Acknowledgement to Immigrant Labor

Sam Preston wanted to give value and acceptance to domestic laborers in the UAE, often immigrant workers, and encourage management/employers to demonstrate accountability, ownership, and responsibility. What began as a focused two-month long project quickly grew into a coaching engagement without an end date.

Learn more about ‘The Cure.’


Team Coaching with Non-Profits: A Case Study

Peggy Brown approached the World Work Project as an opportunity to harvest and share her learning as a systems coach by reviewing a specific client engagement: what approach she took as a coach, the impact on the client, and what she learned. She created this case study as her final project which highlights lessons learned from a five month coaching engagement with a small team of leaders in a not-for-profit organization.

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